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ZeroZinc Farm Pack

Designed specifically to support the gut health of weaned piglets...

The ZeroZinc Farm Pack contains a blend of natural high-quality ingredients, including probiotic live yeast Actisaf®, postbiotic Safmannan® and Nutrisaf®, a carefully selected prebiotic. By modifying the gut microbiome, plus supporting gut morphology and immune function, these yeast-based ingredients allow for the removal of high inclusions of zinc oxide whilst maintaining piglet health and performance throughout the critical weaning period. The ZeroZinc Farm Pack is included in pig diets at a rate of one pouch (2kg) per tonne of finished feed.

Why feed the ZeroZinc Farm Pack?

Benefits of feeding the ZeroZinc Farm Pack include:

  • Maintaining feed intakes and growth performance
  • Achieving comparable feed conversion efficiency to therapeutic zinc oxide
  • Supporting piglet health through improved pathogen control and gut integrity
  • Supporting a healthy and robust microbiome

Weaning: The perfect storm

Piglets’ immune systems are at their weakest around weaning. It is a perfect storm of passive immunity from colostrum reducing, stress caused by weaning and the piglet’s adaptive immune system being slow to develop. This ‘immunity gap’ can result in post-weaning diarrhoea and other health or growth problems. 

Until recently, therapeutic zinc oxide was widely seen as a solution to this problem, however due to its contribution to antimicrobial resistance and environmental pollution, zinc oxide is being phased out by governments. 

Reduce pathogen pressure

Pathogens are a real challenge in pig production, particularly at weaning. Reducing pathogen pressure is critical to prevent disease outbreaks and digestive disorders, which in piglets reduces the risk of post-weaning diarrhoea and reduces the impact of any related loss of production performance. 

Including the ZeroZinc Farm Pack in piglet diets promotes beneficial bacteria and inhibits the proliferation of pathogens. Certain ingredients also bind to pathogens and further support immunity, reducing the risk of gut inflammation. 

TRIAL DATA: Replacing zinc oxide with ZeroZinc Farm Pack

A trial in the Republic of Ireland found that piglets supplemented with the ZeroZinc Farm Pack achieved equivalent performance to piglets fed zinc oxide, maintaining similar feed intakes, daily weight gains and feed conversion rates. 


From start to finish, piglets in the yeast-supplemented group had an average daily gain (ADG) of 439.28g/head, compared to piglets in the zinc-fed group, who gained 430.95g/head. Yeast-fed piglets were also 0.7kg heavier on average than their zinc-fed counterparts when the trial ended, at 94 days old. 

Crude protein 38.25%

Crude ash 10.5%

Crude fibre 8.5%

Crude fat 8.5%

Lysine 2.95%

Calcium 1.47%

Methionine 0.5%

Magnesium 0.25%

Sodium 0%


  • Yeast Products, Calcareous Marine Algae (Maerl)

ADDITIVES (per kg):

  • 4b1702 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae CNCM I-4407 500 x 1010 CFU