What is MegaBite?

Megabite is a concentrated flavour enhancer that has been developed to stimulate forage consumption and reduce ration sorting in ruminants.

It is particularly effective when used with forages that have poor palatability, helping to increase dry matter intakes and improve animal performance. Trial work at Delaware University has shown that the use of Megabite has increased Dry Matter Intake by more than 1kg/day in dairy cows (see graph below), resulting in up to 1.9kg of additional daily milk yield. In addition, milk solids increased by around 4.7%.

Megabite can also be used in transition cow diets to ensure sufficient feed intakes and counter negative energy balance - and subsequent metabolic disorders like ketosis and milk fever - during this period.

Learn how one farm used Megabite to drive feed intakes in the parlour...

How to use it?

Megabite is available in powder and liquid form. It is supplied in 20kg bags or drums for easy handling and is simply incorporated into your TMR mix on farm at a rate of 5-15g/head/day depending upon the age and weight of the animals.