What is EarlyBite?

Earlybite is a sensory feed additive that modulates feeding behaviour in young dairy calves.

Earlybite helps calves to eat solid feed earlier and helps with the transition from liquid to solid feed. This encourages rumen development, drives growth rates, and leads to improved NDF digestion and feed efficiency.

Peer-reviewed research has confirmed the following benefits of feeding Earlybite:

  • 26% greater starter intake before weaning 
  • Less variability in early starter intake
  • 8% greater bodyweight by weaning
  • 6% greater chest diameter by weaning
  • 27% greater ADG
  • 20% greater FCR

How to use it?

Earlybite is available in 25kg foil bags for inclusion in milk replacer and concentrate feed. A 50% premix version is also now available!