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What is The Horse Bucket?

The Horse Bucket is a fine powder that has been specifically formulated to optimise function in the hindgut (caecum + colon).

A combination of Actisaf® Sc 47 live yeast and Safmannan® premium yeast fraction improves fibre digestibility, supports immunity and optimises digestive function in horses and ponies in all levels of work. The Horse Bucket also contains Prosaf® - a rich source of yeast nucleotides and peptides which aids villi development and repair within the small intestine. 

Why feed The Horse Bucket?

The Horse Bucket works hard to support microbes that help to digest forage and feed in the equine hindgut. Modern equine diets require the digestive tract to process a wide variety of food, including highly digestible, carbohydrate-rich concentrates. These feeds move quickly through the digestive tract and can cause a sudden drop in pH within the hindgut, which kills these beneficial microbes drastically reducing digestion of feed. 

By stabilising conditions in the hindgut, The Horse Bucket optimises hindgut function and fibre digestibility.

What is Actisaf?

Actisaf® is a live yeast feed additive that has been rigorously researched and carefully selected to stabilise conditions of the horse’s hindgut, improving feed utilisation and ensuring greater nutritional benefit from the diet. Feeding the recommended level of 10g of Actisaf® per day increases the number of beneficial microbes in the gut, allowing enhanced digestibility of fibre.

From top level competition horses to companion animals, it has been shown to be beneficial to horses and ponies alike. Making Actisaf® a regular addition to the equine diet has also been found to contribute to improved coat quality, body condition, performance and recovery rates. In vitro studies have also shown that Actisaf® can reduce lactic acid levels, resulting in more stable pH within the digestive tract and stabilising the hindgut environment.

Maintain your horse’s engine…

As the engine of the horse, the hindgut provides them with the nutrients they need from both feed and forages like hay and grass. By supporting hindgut function and optimising fibre digestibility, The Horse Bucket ensures that this engine is finely tuned and performing at its best, meaning your horse gets more nutrition from the diet and can perform at their best - no matter their job.

How do I feed The Horse Bucket?

The Horse Bucket is available as a fine powder that can be added to feed once or twice a day. Enhanced flavouring also makes it a great additive for fussy eaters or horses that have gone off their feed. 

  • For maintenance, low and moderate levels of activity, feed one level scoop (17.5g) per head per day.
  • During periods of increased stress, digestive upset or high performance, feed two level scoops (35g) per head per day. 

The Horse Bucket is available in both 2.1 kg and 6.3 kg tub - for an average horse or pony in maintenance to moderate work (1 level scoop per day), a 2.1kg tub will last 120 days and a 6.3kg tub will last 360 days.

Crude Protein 36%

Ash 1.0%

Sodium 0.665%


  • Yeast products, Sodium Chloride


  • Digestibility Enhancer: 4b1702 Saccharomyces Cerevisiae CNCM I-4407 at  5.72 X 10^12 CFU
  • Flavouring compounds: a mixture of flavouring compounds - 2322 mg