What is CoolBite?

CoolBite is a blend of acids and their salts that has been developed to prevent heating and spoilage in animal feeds including total mixed rations and forages.

It is effective at preserving the nutritional value of feeds by preventing mould proliferation (growth). As a consequence of moulds not proliferating, development of mycotoxins are avoided. By preventing spoilage in this way, intakes are enhanced and feed waste is reduced.

Learn how one farmer used Coolbite to stop his rations spoiling at shows...

How to use it?

CoolBite is available in powder form and is supplied in 25kg bags for easy handling and incorporation into feedstuffs. CoolBite can be mixed into rations at the time of preperation (e.g when mixing a TMR) or can be applied to feeds in storage. Does rate is linked to the dry matter of the feed - please ask us for the most appropriate inclusion rates.